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Rocket Dog Brand
History: Rocket Dog were brought to life in 1997, originating in southern California. The brand encapsulated the laid back ethos of Californian lifestyle, taking influences from street and surf styles and became the brand that young females wanted to be seen in. Rocket Dog has since then grown into a globally recognised footwear brand. The transition of the US west coast influences across countries including the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Benelux occurred smoothly and the range now covers sandals, pumps, sneakers, heels and boots. The Rocket Dog consumer is an individually inspired female, who loves to find her own style and will happily mix thrift store bargains with high street purchases to create an independent look. Rocket Dog is a shoes are popular to an array of consumers around the world, each with their own styles, tastes and interests, from fashion through to music. Rocket Dog always guarantees an injection of funky, fresh footwear styles for females to satisfy existing consumers and entice new brand followers.

Key Styles:Rocket Dogs Ramble ballerina shoeBauble Bow, Makenna, Hope Espadrille